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Process Industriels is the result of the natural evolution of our historical magazine Cement Concrete Gypsum Lime (CBPC). It expands to the whole Building material industries of “concrete, lime and mortar” and thus becomes the natural complement of Béton[s] Magazine.

4 issues a year
Edition : 5 000 copies
Audience : 35 000 readers
Distribution : France and in 25 french-speaking
countries in Europe, Africa, North America, Asia.
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The new version of the magazine will analyse deeply the technical aspect of production of concrete, lime and mortars. But also cements and hydraulic binders, aggregates for concrete and mortar, additions and additives, reinforcements equipment and others materials.


✓ Concrete manufacturers (precasters)
✓ Producers of ready-mixed concrete
✓ Lime manufacturers
✓ Mortar producers
✓ Carriers
✓ Cement manufacturers
✓ Rebars producers
✓ Suppliers of additives and adjuvants
✓ Material, equipment and industrial subset manufacturers
Manufacturers of testing and laboratory equipment



4 way to increase your visibility through cement, concrete, gypsum, lime, mortar, aggregates and additives channels.

Process industriels

4 issues a year
Digital distribution :
5000 copies with Béton[s]

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